Rachel Namoff

Managing partner

Inspire. Execute. Innovate.

Rachel has a vision for Americans to be financially educated and inspired. Her work has taken her all around Colorado. She has been instrumental in bridging the gap between education and financial acumen.   Within AAM’s framework, she has flourished benefiting clients, colleagues and the company by bringing her passion and consultation into harmony.

Rachel is at the helm of business development, executing strategies that are seemingly large and unattainable. She is adamant about providing an in depth experiential process for clients and advisors. Her work includes curriculum development, fostering relationships with colleges, corporations, and creating a future where each American is aware of how to get to where they want to go financially.

Rachel has been listed on ColoradoBiz Magazine’s annual list celebrating 100 top visionary women-owned companies in Colorado in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. She is CBS4’s Financial Literacy Expert, and featured regularly in local and national publications.

Rachel is confident that everything is possible, and figure-out-able. Rachel is a founding member of AAM, a financial literacy expert, a professional Pilates practitioner and overtly happy and positive.