How to afford a killer summer in Denver

Make sure you have money in the budget specifically for summer.

  • Set aside an amount monthly for your 'summer' budget, $10/wk or more. Watch the save bag grow.

  • Eat one dinner a month in (or more) and use your "dinner bank" for your summer budget.

  • Put aside any tax refund money for a fun summer outing.

Include some financially beneficial packages/combos. 

  • Summer park passes and rec center memberships give bang for your buck instead of paying as you go.

  • Sometimes there are ‘sales’ for your local rec center at certain times of the year.

Take advantage of programs available. 

Do your research, make a calendar.

  • 5280 (and others) are a great resource for free festivals and events all around Denver.

  • Do your research and make sure you mark your calendars so you don't forget to participate in events (First Friday Art Walks, Farmers’ Markets, etc.).

Mountains calling your name? Try a home swap! 

Rent Your Gear

Get out there and have some fun! 

Bio: Rachel Namoff is on the forefront of financial literacy.  Her systems have transformed retirement planning for advisors, baby boomers and individuals.  She is currently a managing member of Arapaho Asset Management.