Tips for Saving Money on Kids Birthday Parties

Tips for Saving Money on Kids Birthday Parties

Bring down birthday party costs and amp up the fun with these tips from Rachel Namoff, a financial literacy expert and managing partner with Arapaho Asset Management.

Use free digital invites. offers free online invitation options that eliminate the cost of printed and mailed invitations. Remember to request that guests RSVP for kids and adults attending—an exact head count will ensure that you don’t overspend for people who aren’t there.

Don’t invite your child’s entire class.
Invite just a couple of your child’s closest friends. Or, ask parents to drop off if the children are mature enough to handle it. By not feeding and entertaining each child’s parent, you can dramatically cut costs.

Create your own games. Think of pin the tail on the donkey or tic-tac-toe. If the party is outdoors, break out some lawn games like washers or corn hole. Kids don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to have fun together.

Stick to cake and ice cream. Serving a full meal can be expensive. Schedule your party at a time in between lunch and dinner so you only need to serve cake and ice cream. A sundae bar can be a cost-effective fun treat, too.