Frequently Asked Questions

What is the #1 concern about retirement?

Outliving retirement savings is the most common concern we hear from retirement-minded investors.

What differentiates you from others?

At AAM, we focus on educating our clients so that they can make sound financial decisions for their retirement.  Knowledge is power, and we believe arming our clients with a wealth of knowledge brings success for their financial future. 

What’s key when reviewing financial professionals?

It’s critical to feel confident in your financial advisor’s ability to make sound decisions when managing your money. Your financial professional is your ally and your trusted advisor, having confidence in their ability is key.

Are clients interested in “chasing winners”?

Chasing yesterday’s winners may not be the best way to pursue your financial goals.

When is the next course I can attend?

Click here for our course listing.

I have attended a class, what do I bring to my lab appointment in your office?

For the first time we meet with you, we have created a very easy tutorial of exactly what to bring. Click here for the detailed letter describing lab appointment necessities.